Kitchen Storage

For a new kitchen or kitchen renovation. Create space with kitchen cabinet fittings that provide innovative kitchen storage solutions and bring style to the interiors of your kitchen cupboards. Save time and aid workflow with a drawer organiser to turn clutter into order.

Kitchen Bins

Tanova kitchen rubbish bins are space-efficient with hygienic, easy to clean pull out bins that slide away out of sight, yet are easily accessed when needed. Most of our pull out kitchen bins have a top mounted cover that minimises odours when waste bin is closed. DRAWER type kitchen waste bins attach to a fixed front for one motion opening, while HANDLE type bins are installed behind a hinged door. Multiple bin configurations from both Tanova and Vauth-Sagel offer excellent solutions for sorting/storing recyclables and organic kitchen waste in your kitchen tidy or can even be used as a separate easy access unit for bulk dry good storage!


Tanova pull-out laundry baskets, laundry bins and laundry bags are ideal solutions for managing household laundry and laundry storage. Build them into your laundry design as they utilise laundry cabinet space efficiently, while keeping laundry neat and out of sight. Laundry baskets are air vented to enable airflow and breathability. Tanova Laundry is available in both Tanova Deluxe and Tanova Simplex systems.

Drawer & Door Systems

Quality Harn drawer systems suit any situation in your kitchen and home. High performance kitchen drawer kits, drawer runners and drawer slides that are quiet and smooth running, with heavy load stability for all your storage needs. Our door systems include sliding doors, bifold doors and a range of door hinges and door stays to meet a wide array of door installation needs.

LED Lighting

The Access Group range of LED lighting allows you to accent, enhance, bring light and style to your kitchen, bedroom or living area. Our range includes designer LED spotlights, LED strip lighting and LED profiles to provide task and ambient lighting for your home. Designed and manufactured in Italy, this range is at the forefront of LED lighting technology and offers innovative, intelligent design solutions to complement your home.

General Hardware & Tools

A range of general hardware products including bed slats, bed brackets, cabinet supports and levelling systems, castors, shelf supports and workshop tools and supplies. Also fixings, fasteners and connectors including brads and staples, screws, wood dowels, joining biscuits and more.

Extrusions & Profiles

Our extrusions and profiles include quality stainless steel toekicks, aluminium toe kicks and mirror finish toekicks, benchtop and bench edge profiles, aluminium door profiles and fittings and T edges, including Scilm.

Wardrobe Systems

Our range of wardrobe storage systems and wardrobe fittings includes basic wardrobe rails and supports, Euro Orvel wardrobe rods and adjustable cabinet brackets and Ambos’ comprehensive Italian designed and made system of wardrobe lifts, hangers, brackets, wardrobe rods and accessory fittings.